Q: What do the BMC percentages mean?

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Q: Is the BMC Accurate?

A: DEXA is considered the Gold Standard when measuring BMC. Our equipment has passed industry standard acceptance testing and the daily quality control tests pass consistantly.

Q: Can I get "steps" riding a bike or swimming?

A: Yes! 30 minutes on a bike or 60 lengths of the pool will give you 2500 steps.

Q: When will I get my T-Shirt?

A: The t-shirts are delayed but we will ensure that everyone who has ordered a t-shirt will get it ASAP.

Q: Can anyone sign up?

A: Yes! This challenge is for all of our staff, clients and residents of Central Alberta! Register now!

Q: What is the cost?

A: Families are free!!! Unless you want a crusade T-shirt. Youth T's are $15.00 and Adult T's are $20.00. Click here to order.

A. The cost for individuals is $75.00 and includes a t-shirt and the initial Body Mass Composition test. To complete the competion and be considered for prizes, a second Body Mass Composition Test will be required at the end of the competition. The cost for the second Body Mass Composition Test is $50.00.

Q: Are there rules?

A: Yes. Please click here for a complete explanation.

Q: Can I register as a family and an individual and on a corporate team?

A: Yes! Just follow the instructions on the registation form. Family registration is only for FAMILIES, not teams. Be aware that a team consisits of 6 INDIVIDUAL members. No more....no less!

Q: What is Body Mass Composition?

A: Body Mass Compostition is a ratio of lean muscle to fat. This information is calculated using a DEXA scanner, which is considered to be the most accurate method of analysis.

Q: Do I need a Body Mass Composition?

A: Yes. You need a Body Mass Composition IF you are competing as an individual AND want your results tabulated to have an opportunity to be crowned CHAMPION. BMC tests will be booked between December 17 2012 and January 28 2013. Email Tricia Adams to schedule your Body Mass Composition

A: No. If you are competing as a family, under the age of 18 or may be pregnant.

Q: Do I need to compete in the Fitness Crusade to have a Body Mass Composition?

A: No. You can  have a Body Mass Composition for your own interest, if you are over the age of 18 and not pregnant. The cost is $75.00.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Yes. Individuals will need at pedometer. Families only need one, they do not need one for each family member. Remember that most mobile Apple products such as Ipods and IPhones have built in pedometers so you may have one without knowing it!!!

Q: What if I have personal limitations and can't do the challanges?

A: We realize that there will be some physical limitations for individuals and families.  People with a disability will be given alternate challenges and their fitness testing will be altered to meet their ability. We also realize that young children below a certain age may have different abilities so each week, recognitions to those limitations will be shown in instructions for the weekly challenge.

Q: Can I enroll as an individual but not a team?

A: Yes. During registration, select NO for the team question.

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